ProHealth Massage of Columbia MO - Massage therapy that is relaxing and therapeutic
"Cirilo manages to find the spots that are giving me the most trouble. He works the tightness and aches right out. He truly cares about his clients and making them feel better".

"Cirilo is not only a great massage therapist but a really friendly guy that you feel comfortable with. That was probably the best massage of my life since I've never had that much pressure released from my muscles. I will definitely return".

"I will definitely go again. The service was great and he paid attention to the areas where I needed the most focus".

"Great service! He has an amazing knowledge of the muscles, tendons, and inner workings of the human body. I would recommend this to everyone!"

"Relaxing atmosphere, very friendly. Listened to feedback on what areas needed more attention during massage, very professional!"

" I purchased a Swedish massage at ProHealth and had a truly relaxing experience. Cirilo holds himself to the highest level of professionalism and provides an atmosphere of comfort for his clients. I am definitely going back!".

"One of the best massage experiences I've ever had. Perfect balance with detail communication and relaxation. Perfect level of pressure with his massage. Very professional and personable. I am setting up a monthly plan!".

"Awesome place! Just something to know is that he works out of his home so when you're looking for it it's not a business. Very professional and fantastic service!".

"Cirilo works out of his home. It was very clean and calming. I felt very welcome and comfortable from the moment I walked in. A wonderful massage".

"Perfectly relaxing after a morning of meetings. Very professional and answered questions when finished".

"Purchased for my husband and he said it was the best massage he ever had".

"I would absolutely refer friends and family here. Cirilo is fantastic. I will definitely be back to ProHealth Massage".

"He is really professional...he has a natural soothing sense to him that helps you relax to get the full benefit of the massage. He is very informative, answers any questions pertaining to any problem area you might be experiencing, what you can do to help yourself also. Since I've been going to him I can truly feel a wonderful difference, I move with a lot more ease, my body is at peace with itself again...Thank you. Thank you very much".

" Knowledgeable and very nice. Very down to earth and enjoyed it very much".

"It can be hard to find as it is in a neighborhood and is a residential house but he is great!".

" Cirilo is so knowledgeable. His technique is superb!".

"It was an outstanding experience. Everything was very professional and the massage was great. I would definitely go again".

"He is just knowledgeable and laid back and great to schedule with and relaxing!!!".

"Absolutely relaxing and helpful!!! Definitely recommend!!!".

"Can do deep work. Skilled at finding and loosening deeply held tension".

"One of the best massages I have ever had".

"Amazing massage, super nice guy. I fully recommend this experience for someone who needs a massage".

"Very professional, and he treated me with courtesy. He seemed to care about the clients needs and how best to help".

"Cirilo has been my massage therapist for over 5 years. I trust him to provide a professional, relaxing massage that relieves my chronic neck, shoulder, and hip pain".

"Appointments were easy to make, he limits appointments so you don't feel rushed, a very relaxed place".

"Very professional, kind and knowledgeable. I will definitely return and I highly recommend".

"Excellent therapeutic and relaxing massage by a highly skilled healthcare professional".

" I had a great massage at ProHealth. This massage business is out of a home but was very easy to find. I felt comfortable there and will probably return".

"My massage was a wonderful combination of physical therapy and massage.It was very professional and I will certainly go back again".

"I would recommend ProHealth to anyone who is seeking assistance with a problem area".

"The massage was very good. I actually was on the verge of going to sleep".

"Wonderful relaxing massage".

"Seemed a bit weird at first going to a residence but he was very professional and did a great job. I recommend it".

"Cirilo was awesome! Super friendly and he was very good at what he does. I felt great and very relaxed after the massage. I will definitely recommend".

"You know your profession well - thanks".

"My experience was a great one, my muscles felt relaxed and more fluid after leaving. I will be returning very soon".

"Dear Cirilo, thank you for the kindness and compassion. You are a great person and a great massage therapist".

"Thank you for a pleasant experience. I look forward to my next visit".
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